Regulatory Update
May 17, 2024

At Align, we remain vigilant in monitoring both present regulations impacting the retirement plan industry and foreseeing future developments. This

Why Reviewing Your Will is Crucial for Your Financial Health
May 10, 2024

Creating a will is an essential step in securing your family’s financial future and ensuring your wishes are carried out

In Laymon’s Terms – April 2024
April 30, 2024

Rain or Shine? Navigating Risks and Seizing Opportunities As the days grow warmer and creation awakens from its slumber, we

The FAFSA Simplification Act Explained
April 12, 2024

What’s New with the FAFSA? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 85 percent of U.S. college

Q1 Newsletter
April 2, 2024

Dear Cautious Optimist, We hope that winter treated you well. Spring is here, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and ,allegedly,

In Laymon’s Terms – March 2024
March 31, 2024

Spring has sprung and flowers are starting to bloom, meanwhile opportunities and challenges emerge from the depths of our financial

Breaking Barriers: Financial Tips for Modern Female Providers
March 22, 2024

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s important to reflect on the progress of women’s rights, especially in the realm

Rule 5: US Treasury Bonds will hold up during volatility.
March 19, 2024

In the financial world, the performance of U.S. Treasury Bonds, especially the 10-year treasuries, had recently veered off its traditional

Ways to Reduce Your Tax Liability
March 16, 2024

Want to pay less taxes? If given a way to legally reduce tax liability, most Americans would welcome that opportunity

Rule 4: Value stocks hold up and rebound faster after downturns.
March 12, 2024

In the financial landscape post-2022, value stocks, traditionally seen as the reliable workhorses of many investment portfolios, faced unexpected headwinds.