Is your company’s retirement plan the best it can be for you AND your employees? Discover how we support employers in creating a highly competitive retirement benefits to attract and retain top talent.

Common Mistakes Companies Make with their 401K Retirement Plans

Unsure of impact on employees
Unsure of fees and service value
Unclear of fiduciary & legal responsibility
Unaware that there’s something more

Unsure of impact on employees

Are your employees engaging with your retirement plan? Do they see it as a reason for staying at your company, or merely a benefit every company provides?

Unsure of fees and service value

Are you getting the most from your vendors? Are your fees reasonable? Are there better investment options out there?

Unclear of fiduciary & legal responsibility

Who holds fiduciary liability for your plan? If you are unsure, it’s likely you. Is there anything more you can do to reduce your risks?

Unaware that there’s something more

Your HR team is short on time. Your employees need advice. Is there a firm that offers more than a website or a call center… more accountability, more advice, more personal service and support?

What We Provide

Fiduciary Oversight

Do you have someone on your side who’s looking after you and your company’s best interests? Someone who can hold vendors accountable? Someone who shares the burden of fiduciary liability? Discover the benefits of choosing Align as your fiduciary partner.

Align & LancasterMakes

Employee Engagement & Financial Wellness Education

A retirement plan is most valuable when employees recognize its value. At Align, our team provides comprehensive education and advice that moves employees beyond simply participating and toward achieving successful financial outcomes. Our MoneyNav financial wellness program ensures they are making the most of their money resources, within and beyond your company’s retirement plan.

Plan Design & Administration

Get the help you need designing, monitoring, and measuring the effectiveness of your plan. Compare your plan to other employers competing for the same talent. With Align, your HR, finance, and executive teams can all feel confident in the program you offer. You’ll discover that you are never alone with Align.

Align team member showing plan performance on her computer

Benefits of Working with Align

Experienced Specialists

From plan creation to plan assessment, to hands-on financial education, corporate retirement plans are our specialty. Our team has over 60 years of specialized experience in corporate retirement plan service. This level of dedicated expertise is uncommon but essential as 401(k) regulations increase.

Independent Recommendations

We are independent advisors – free from sales objectives and product constraints. We provide the best of two very different worlds – the individual attention and commitment to client care of a small business, combined with the resources and research sophistication of the nation’s largest privately-held independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm – Commonwealth Financial Network.

Skilled Communicators

Effective communication is central to building strong relationships. Information and education, however, are not the same. We employ our technical expertise, specialized experience, and sophisticated technology when working with plan sponsors and executives. When it comes to your employees, we translate dry investment information into real, actionable financial education.

Let’s Talk

Interested in how Align can enhance your retirement program? We encourage you to schedule a no-obligation and absolutely no-pressure meeting with us.