April 20, 2022

Dear Cautious Optimist,

2022 is not the year we’d hoped for after recent strong performance. If you’re concerned and worried, you are not alone. Even if you try to remain optimistic, the media does it’s best to bring us down (For more on that, watch our Beware the Media video).

Remember, the investments and managers in your portfolio were selected for their track record in good markets and bad ones too. Our conviction doesn’t change simply because economic conditions change and markets decline.

Your Align team continues to meet regularly to review portfolios and assess strategies. We hope that keeping you informed in these challenging times will help ease your fears and keep you focused on your long-term plans.

Warren Buffet said, “the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Days like these test your patience and resolve. But we are here for you… in the good days and the tough ones too. ´╗┐

To view the Update commentary from our Investment Team click below. Note… not all accounts are invested the same way. For questions specific to your account, we invite you to reach